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Navigating the Collapse of Time

A Peaceful Path Through the End of Illusions

by David Ian Cowan

 'The New Book based on Dave's 'Earth Changes' ebook will be released in major bookstores in June, 2011.

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Dowsing Beyond Duality

David and Erina eagerly anticipate the release of 'Dowsing Beyond Duality: Access Your Power to Create Positive Change' in June of 2012. The work combines the three manuals they have authored and more, and will be the basis of a Correspondence Course for Certification as a Spiritual Dowser. The book is ready for pre-order now at Amazon.com. Follow this link to reserve your copy:

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Anti-Aging and Vitality Products

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The Auric Harmonizer

This amazing little 'black box' came our way serendipidously, and is frankly blowing our minds! You just sit with it in your hand and move through the different positions on the dial which resonate with and activate each of the Chakras...including the 'new' Chakras extending above the body. These connect us to Planetary, Galactic and Universal aspects of our (one) Self. There is also a 'broadcast' position where the device can be used to focus non-local healing benefits. We have just begun to experiment with this little wonder, and will keep you posted as we learn more...what appeals mostly to us is the total lack of 'data' or information to direct the experience; it is truly a powerful, yet open-ended experience, much like deep meditation.

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Healing Bees CDs

Valerie Solheim, PhD. is a pioneer in the field of healing with sound frequencies and scalar waves.

She is a quantum healer and beekeeper. She believe bees can heal bees and beings through harmonic frequencies.
Using the sound of a strong healthy hive on a weaker hive will return the natural frequencies of the second hive to an energetic level that will re-establish its capacity to protect itself against disease and intrusive disturbances.

Sustained vibrations resonated through sacred geometric patterns, such as what the beehive has represented to the human mind, create harmonic resonance within the very core of our being from cells to spirit. The sound recorded from the brood hive has a coherent organizing effect on the human mind-body field. Buxton reports “that beekeepers rarely become ill and rarely if ever contract cancer or other terminal diseases.”

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David and Erina have embraced the publishing of NEW eBooks for Kindle.
Please visit these links for a free preview and to leave your comments!
'The Truth About 2012' 
A concise summary of what is behind the tumultuous changes we are seeing all around us...hint: 'It's all about time...and and is ALL good!' 
link: http://tinyurl.com/91wuo5s
'What is Dowsing? (for Smart People)'
...yes, I do get tired of being sold books for 'idiots' and 'dummies'!
This a great primer for 'newbies' to Dowsing providing crucial background and practical 'up and goping' instruction.
 link: http://tinyurl.com/9wywvmm
'Why People Bully and what You Can Do About It'
 David offers s refreshing approach to a serious societal problem...forgiveness! Learn why any other approach is doomed to fail, and the simple techniques that can begin shifting bullies and any 'troublesome' relationships.  
ink: http://tinyurl.com/9qhu21c